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Study Abroad Programs by Major and GE

Please Note:

  • The list below represent universities that offer the greatest number of courses for any given major or GE.
  • Every student's situation IS different and these lists are only suggestions to help start your search.
  • In addition to the programs listed here there are more than fifty programs listed on our web site with courses available in all CBA majors.
  • Please be sure to find the program that is the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about the programs or courses that you think fit your academic needs, please make an appointment with one of the CBA study abroad advisors. BUT remember, you must attend one of the mandatory CBA Study Abroad Workshops before you can get any academic advising for going abroad. We look forward to working with you.

HongKong Location: Hong Kong, China Population: 7 million
Auckland Location: Auckland, New Zealand Population: 1.3 million
BuenosAires Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Population: 13 million
Marseille Location: Marseille, France Population: 1.42 million
Melbourne Location: Melbourne, Australia Population: 4 million
Pecs, Hungary Location: Pécs, Hungary Population: 157,680
Mannheim Location: Mannheim Population: 311,969
Guangzhou Location: Guangzhou, China Population: 10.2 million