Lower Division Students

Lower Division Students 

The Fowler College of Business offers the following study abroad opportunities for lower division students: The courses available for lower division students will be listed on the "Courses" section at any given program under "Undergraduate Course Articulation". Fowler College of Business will continue to add new programs to this list as they become available.

Lower division students need to attend one of the mandatory Fowler College of Business' Study Abroad Workshop that college offers every semester before they can get individual study abroad advising.

Programs available for lower division students:

Semester Programs


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is the best time to study abroad for graduate students?

  • The best time for graduate students to study abroad is during their second or third semester of their graduate program.
  • The worst time to study abroad is during your last semester when you have only four or five courses left to take. We cannot guarantee that the courses that you need would be offered in any given semester and this can set back your graduation date.

2. Which type of courses are the best courses to take while abroad?

  • The best courses to take while you are abroad are the courses that offer you the most flexibility of choices.
  • Electives and Specialization: Elective and specialization courses in the major are a good choice since they offer the greatest flexibility.

3. Why are courses listed on the Course Substitution list if they are not always offered every semester?

  • Each one of our partner universities reserves the right to change their course offering as it fits their particular needs. The majority of the time we do not know that certain courses are not going to be offered until the student arrives to her or his host institution and s/he has to choose some other options.
  • If this happens to you, Immediately, as soon as you find out, you must find a course that is the same in content and submit a course syllabus back to us for the Chair of your department to approve another course offering to fulfill the requirement that you need. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the course will be approved.
  • That is the reason that you should have a plan B and have some other options to take abroad if plan A does not work.