Study Abroad workshops

Please note that we are introducing a new workshop formatting. We are offering a Virtual Study Abroad wokshop and not one in person 

  • Please note that student are still going to be required to review this MANDATORY virtual workshop and complete a quiz before they meet with their academic advisor.

At this virtual workshop you will learn about:

  • The opportunities available to you.
  • The courses that you can take while abroad.
  • Instructions on how and when to complete a study abroad application. 

    STUDY ABROAD QUIZ (please complete this Study Abroad Quiz and bring it with you to your study abroad advising session with your academic advisor for your major)


To gain global competencies (please see question # 12 below about the five student learning outcomes. You need these competencies to function effectively and efficiently in another country based on your knowledge, skills and attitudes. Studying abroad is one of the best ways in which you can gain global competencies.

According to global competency experts, it takes a minimum of two years abroad to change your frame of mind: from an Ethnocentric Stage, where you deny and minimize other cultures to an Ethnorelative Stage where you accept, adapt and integrate to other cultures. Please see our “Choosing the Right Program” tab to learn more about global competencies.

  • People are not born intercultural competent; culture learning is a process that takes time and effort (like learning a language).

For that reason, the longer you study abroad, the more globally competent you will become. Therefore we highly recommend that you study abroad for a minimum of one semester in a total immersion program.

What is going to determine how immersed you are in a culture? This will be determined by the Program Levels and Program Components, such as the duration of the program, the academic context, among others. Please see our “Choosing the Right Program” tab to learn more about the Programs Levels of Classification.

You can either apply to go abroad for a year or go to two different countries or continents back to back. Did you know that most of the Fowler College of Business students study abroad for a semester or a year? You can check out stats to find out where our students are going and which majors they represent.

For the logistics on how to study abroad for two semesters, please contact the International Student Center.


Please note that the most affordable programs are the SDSU programs. The most expensive programs are Independent programs.

TRUE: All students who want to study abroad must complete the online orientation located at the Aztecs Abroad as well as the Aztecs Abroad application regardless of the type of program that students are planning to apply. For more information please visit the ISC website to learn about the application process.


PLEASE NOTE that at some point of your application, the Aztecs Abroad website will require that you “MEET WITH AN ACADEMIC ADVISOR.” This academic advisor is NOT the one for your major. You must meet with an advisor at the International Student Center (ISC). So please contact them at (619) 594-1982 to set up this mandatory meeting.

TRUE: The application deadline for the spring semester is September 20 and February 20 for fall semester. Please visit the Aztecs Abroad website for more information about these deadlines.
You must take between 12 -15 units if you are and undergraduate student, depending on the University abroad. The majority of universities require 12 units but some require 15.   For graduate students you must take a minimum of 9 units.

FALSE: Like at SDSU, universities abroad DO NOT guarantee courses. For this reason, students must have a MINIMUM of SIX POTENTIAL COURSES to take abroad.

The more potential courses you have to take abroad, the more likely that you will end up with a full semester schedule of courses that will count toward your major or minor.


To better prepare you to study abroad, we highly recommend that you take these courses during your first semester of upper division.


  1. Explorations General Education Courses; and
  2. Major Electives.

Usually students that run into issues of not getting enough courses to take abroad is when they do not have options in one or both of these areas.

Please work with your academic advisor for your major or minor in order to plan your study abroad experience to perfection.

You really need to plan your academics well in advance.


The following is a list of the academic advisors by major:

Accounting, Sarah Mercado, [email protected]
Finance, Financial Services, Real Estate, Jason Tan, [email protected]
General Business, Akyia Westley, [email protected]
Management, David To, [email protected]
Management Information Systems, Patricia van Damme, [email protected]
Marketing, Vanessa Escobar, [email protected]
Graduate, Diane Coning, [email protected]


Meanwhile, you can browse our website which is organized by both, “Continents” and Study Abroad “By Major”  or for Graduate Programs. This part of the website can tell you which universities and programs work well for your major and/or minor.

Again, make sure that you have a minimum of six (6) potential courses for you to take.

To find out which courses you still need, you can either work with the academic advisor for your major or with the list of required courses for you major listed here

You can apply to only one program and have a plan B. Please note that some of the programs are impacted. Meaning, that they have more students that want to study there than spaces available. Please note that you cannot have an impacted program as your plan B. Only non-impacted programs can be considered for plan B.



  1. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  2. Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan


  1. Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria
  2. John Cabot University, Rome, Italy
  3. Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
  4. Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
  5. IE, Madrid, Spain
  6. London Metropolitan University
 FALSE: If you want to study abroad, the Fowler College of Business has enough spaces to accommodate the demand for all of its students. We then guarantee you that you will have a program to study abroad. However, what we do not guarantee is where you are going. As long as you are open minded and flexible on where you study abroad you will have a place at one of our partner universities.
 Being nominated to participate in a program means that you were selected to attend a given university. After that, you are going to be asked to complete the actual university application.


The application that is due on September 20 for the spring semester and February 20 for the fall semester, is really only a generic application in which you are telling the International Student Center (ISC) where it is that you want to go. After this deadline, they will review applications and will start placing students in programs, meaning, nominating students to participate in a given university.

The International Student Center (ISC) is in charge of this area. So if you have any questions related to your application in Aztecs Abroad contact the ISC. They will be able to help you.
 Find a university that is a good Academic match for you that has a minimum of six potential courses for you to take. This is going to be the most important, and first step in your application process.
  • Globally competent
  • Have Basic Business Knowledge
  • Effective Communicators
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Ethically Aware