The Fowler College of Business highly recommends that students participate in High Impact Practices (HIPs), one of which is an international experience.+


SDSU offers a variety of program options, from short-term faculty-led to semester or year-long immersion programs, to internships, for students to fulfill degree requirements and develop intercultural competencies.


Below is a brief overview of the process for selecting an international program. 

You will utilize two websites to begin your search for the international program that fits your academic needs:

  • SDSU Aztecs Abroad database contains all approved SDSU international programs, from Exchange programs, Independent Programs, Faculty-Led and Internships. 
  • Pay close attention to the Program type and Chances of Placement as programs vary with regards to credit(s); financial aid and scholarships, and chances of placement.
  • (this website) will guide you in searching for preapproved Business courses at our partner universities. 

The International Programs Coordinator at the Fowler Center for Student Success, SDSU Study Abroad office and the Faculty- Led Study Abroad office can provide guidance on the international program that best fits your academic needs!

Fowler Center for Student Success (EBA 448; Phone: 619-594-5828; Email:[email protected])

  • Main contact: International Programs Coordinator: Willaine Cabal Carr ([email protected])
  • Review your degree audit and map our your academic plan pre-, during, and post abroad.

SDSU Study Abroad office (International Student Center, Phone: 619-594-2475; Email: [email protected])

  • Browse all SDSU approved international programs on SDSU Aztecs Abroad
  • Initiates SDSU Exchange, ISEP Exchange, ISEP Direct, Independent, CSU-IP and Internships applications. Students may not apply until they meet with an advisor and initiate the application.
  • For students applying for SDSU Exchange, ISEP Exchange, ISEP Direct, Independent, CSU-IP and Internsips program types, students must complete the Advising phase before scheduling to meet with a Study Abroad advisor and initiating an application.

SDSU Faculty-Led Study Abroad office (Extended Studies Center 303, Phone: 619-594-9400, [email protected])

  • Faculty-Led programs are one- to four-week short-term programs over the winter break or summer break, led by SDSU faculty. 
  • Students who meet program prerequisites may apply directly via Aztecs Abroad, no need to meet with an advisor prior to application.
  • Students applying for SDSU Exchange, ISEP Exchange, ISEP Direct, Independent, CSU-IP and Internsips program types must complete the Advising phase before scheduling to meet with a Study Abroad advisor and initiating an application.
  • All students who want to study abroad must complete the SDSU Aztecs Abroad application as an initial step. 
  • In general, international experience applications across program types require a personal statement and letter of recommendation from an instructor. 
  • Application deadlines vary by program type. For the most updated information, be sure to check the deadline listed on the Aztecs Abroad program brochure.
  • To access the program brochure via CBAbroad: Select "Programs" at the top -> Select region ("Europe) -> Click on partner university name, then, click on "SDSU Aztecs Abroad"

sdsu aztecs abroad program brochure



  • Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 -15 units per semester abroad. Unit requirements may vary by partner university or program.
  • Graduate students must enroll in minimum 9 units per semester abroad.

FALSE: Like at SDSU, universities abroad DO NOT guarantee courses. For this reason, students must have a MINIMUM of SIX POTENTIAL COURSES to take abroad.

The more potential courses you have to take abroad, the more likely that you will end up with a full semester schedule of courses that will count toward your major or minor.

BEST COURSES TO TAKE YOUR FIRST SEMESTER OF UPPER DIVISION: To better prepare you to study abroad, we highly recommend that you take these courses during your first semester of upper division.


Please work with the International Programs Coordinator and/or your academic advisor for your in order to map out your academic plans abroad.

  • You can apply to only one program on Aztecs Abroad, and indicate a "second program choice" in the Aztecs Abroad application.
  • Select programs are competitive and have lower chance of placement. 
  • Chance of placement is noted on SDSU Aztecs Abroad program brochure linked to each program.
  • Exchange programs are based on the number of students that partner universities exchange during a given year, therefore chances of placement vary at each university. The SDSU Study Abroad office and Fowler College of Business can ensure that all students are able to study abroad but students must be flexible with their program location.
  • Certain program locations may not always accommodate the full range of courses a student may need to take abroad to fulfill major or minor rquirements, and a student may be redirected to a program that best fulfills their academic needs.
  •  Being nominated to participate in an SDSU Exchange program means that you were selected by SDSU to attend a given university. 
  • The SDSU Study Abroad office will send further instructions on completing the host university application. Acceptance is at the discretion of the host university upon review of the application.