African Safari

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  • Course schedules are subject to change, at the discretion of our partner institutions. 
  • Courses abroad are NOT guaranteed. Students must be flexible with their course planning and choice of location, to ensure a program will meet their academic needs.
  • Select programs are competitive and have lower chance of placement. Students should always have a second program choice just in case. * Chance of placement is noted on SDSU Aztecs Abroad link.
  • Students who began in Fall 2018 and subsequent terms (GE Catalog 2018 and later): Upper Division GE courses shall be taken within the California State University (CSU) system, where they will receive resident credit. Resident credit 

CSU-IP at University of Ghana / ISEP Direct at University of Ghana

Accra, Africa

Program brochure

SDSU Aztecs Abroad - CSU- IP (Academic year)

SDSU Aztecs Abroad- ISEP Direct

Program type CSU-IP and ISEP Direct
Type of credit

Univ. of Ghana (CSU-IP) - Resident credit

Univ. of Ghana (ISEP Direct) - Transfer credit


Undergraduate Course Articulation - Ghana (Offered in English)

Required courses for major



Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea

Program brochure  SDSU Aztecs Abroad 
Program Type Independent Program
Type of credit Transfer credit

Undergraduate Course Articulation - Semester at Sea (All courses in English)

General Education Courses

Required courses for major